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Van Nuys Moving Company is one of the top moving companies of the area, having assisted numerous clients in successful moves. Our USP is that we provide efficient moves at the lowest possible rates. We work with our clients’ right from the stage of packing till their items reach the new location. We adopt measures to ensure that the items are delivered in perfect conditions and we also stick to deadlines (we take care to ensure that there are no escalations). If you have any questions related to moves – be it household or corporate; feel free to ask our representatives who are ready to help you out with the required information. We are rated highly by the BBB so rest assured that we are the right person to call when you are moving. Get a free quote today – call our sales team now!

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We believe in providing low cost moves without comprising on the efficiency. Our staff is specially trained in this type of moving and they will answer any question that you may have. We will take care of your residential move for you, and believe it or not, it will cost you much less than it would, if you carry out the move yourself.

Decided to relocate your office finally? That’s good because we offer a variety of correlated services that will make corporate relocation easy and tension free. Give us a call and just let our experts take over while you sit back and relax!

At Van Nuys Moving Company we co-ordinate long distance moving right from the packing stage, then we help to load the items and transport them, and finally we unload the items when they reach their destination. We take measures to ensure the safety of the goods so that they are not damaged during transit. Fragile and delicate items are specially packed using specific packing techniques. Thanks to our trained staff, transporting your household over long distances is no longer a problem! Feel free to ask them anything, as they will be happy to answer any query that you might have.

We ship vehicles to other countries and within the same country as well. Our moving services are quite popular due to their efficiency. We pickup your car from the source address that is provided to us and then we transport it to the destination taking care to ensure the safety of your car. We also maintain strict delivery deadlines so that there is no delay. We inspect your vehicle before it is transported and check for damages when it reaches the destination as well.
We provide easy international shipping solutions that are suitable for businesses or individual. Based on the type of shipment, be it vehicles, cargo or packages, we transport them to their destination in perfect condition and that too within time. Our rates are some of the best in the current market and our customers enjoy good service with a great quality-to-price ratio.

Your requirements are our top priority. Van Nuys Moving Company offers cost effective services at the lowest rates. Our staff takes care of the move from Day 1 till the items have been delivered to the destination. They will also inspect the items to check if they have been damaged in transit. We have been operating for quite some time and we have a satisfied clientele now who use our packing and moving services quite often. You don’t need to worry about packing bulky or fragile items – just leave it to us!

It is quite natural to feel a bit apprehensive when you are moving to a new community and are not familiar with it. What really bothers people is the safety of their valuable items and it is here that the storage services offered by Van Nuys Moving Company are of a huge help. We have secure storage facilities where we can house your items till you are ready to take them back. As such we don’t have a time limit and you can store the goods for as long as you want. We have enough space to accommodate items of every size, so just give us a call and we will come to pick up the goods. Going on a vacation won’t be a bad idea, now that you have a place to store your valuable items safely!

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